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Metropolitan Entertainment offers post-production finishing
and post-supervision to the worldwide entertainment community.



Featured Post-production Services

• Workflows for pre-post through dailies , mastering, finishing and continuation to final deliverables.

• Post services are provided for Theatrical, Broadcast, Home, Archival and File based global delivery.

• All projects include overview and discussion of assignment to create an agreeable workflow. By collaborating we establish a strategy and coordinating methods to be included for finishing.

• Our mission includes our ‘keepmeposted’ declaration for communications, staying in touch and approvals along the creative post-process through completion.

• Our projects include as complete a post-production workflow as is required from all media & film based acquisition which could include:

  • Scanning or a Telecine process
  • Organizing the media and including back up
  • Importing for the offline and online editorial process
  • Review for continuation to sound design/mix and visual effects
  • Finishing which could include colorcorrection and conform

• Final Mastering is followed by output and deliverables which include both physical media and file based distribution. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to assisting in creating an efficient and cost-effective workflow for your individual project.

Film Festival Theatrical Deliveries DCP Format


  • All Virtual Post-Production Services
  • Digital, Electronic, Fiber and Web based deliveries
  • Continuous Fulfillment in all DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, and all File Formats

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Film Transfers

Video Transfers

Family videos or Super 8/8mm


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